James – Day 1


First, I’d like to thank Jesse Gardner for contributing last week’s series What is Truth? to Progressive Devotions. He did a fine job and I appreciate his hard work.

Today we’re going to start a new study in the book of James. I thought this powerful, practical book would be a good place to apply some of the study principles we talked about in the Bible Study Basics series.

This will be a true Bible study. I’m going to ask you to read and study on your own first, and we’ll compare notes the next day. You’ll end up reading through James several times

We’ll begin this week by having you read a chapter each day and look for the following information.


  • Identify the major topics discussed in the chapter.
  • Note any word and phrases you don’t understand.
  • Note anything that seems noteworthy to you, or that you’d like to look into further.

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