The Words of Agur (3)

Learning From The Teachings Of Agur

Welcome back to Progressive Pevotions! For the past two days, we have learned some lessons from the example of Agur. Today, we will begin to learn some lessons from the teachings of Agur. Matter of fact, we will spend the rest of the week studying his teachings. It will be a rewarding experience, so let’s get to work.

Text For Today

Proverbs 30:10-17

His Teachings About The Unrighteous (verses 10-17)

The Troublemakers (verse 10).

This verse speaks about slandering a servant. The slanderer creates trouble for the servant and the servant reacts by cursing. The slanderer not only creates trouble for the servant, but for himself. When his lies about the servant are uncovered, he is found guilty. He is the one with the problem!

God’s people are reminded to “lay aside” the sin of evil speaking in 1 Peter 2:1. In Titus 3:2 and James 4:11 we are commanded to refrain from speaking evil about others.

The Disrespectful (verses 11, 17).
  • They disrespect their fathers. They are not afraid to curse their dads and they have no problem mocking them.
  • They disrespect their mothers. They refuse to bless their moms and they despise obedience.
  • Honour thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise;) – Ephesians 6:2
  • If you are a parent, do you enforce respect and obedience in your home?
  • If you are a young person, do you honor and obey your parents?
  • Their judgment will be severe (verse 17b)!
  • The picture of the beast plucking out the mocking eye should put the fear of God in our hearts regarding the area of honoring and obeying our parents!
  • The Self-righteous (verse 12).

    So many people see themselves as good. They fail to accept God’s truth that all “have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” – Romans 3:23. The Pharisees were self-righteous and Christ strongly condemned them for this throughout His ministry. Remember that we must “humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God” if we are to be “exalted in due time.” – 1 Peter 5:6

    The Prideful (verse 13).

    Pride is an abomination to God according to Proverbs 6.

    The Greedy (verse 14).

    The sin of greed is not just prevalent with men in the business world. It is present throughout the professing church. God’s people seem to fail to understand the difference between needy and greedy. I get very few letters from Pastors who have small churches, torn up buildings, and small bank accounts asking for funds. I get many letters from multi-million dollar religious empires always seeking more funds for new buildings, bigger rainy day funds and many other things. Are we accommodating greed or meeting needs? It is worth some thought and prayer!

    I am out of time for today. I will see you tomorrow.

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