The Words of Agur (5)

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Proverbs 30: 21-23

His Teachings About Unbearable Things

In verse 21, Agur recognized that there are three things that disquiet the earth. In other world, the people of this world cannot be at peace when these items are present. Agur also mentioned that there was a fourth item, that along with these three items, was unbearable.

Unqualified people in positions of leadership are unbearable (verse 22, 23b).

In verse 22, Agur offered the example of a servant reigning as king. Throughout history, there have been people in positions of leadership who began their lives with very humble surroundings. This is not unbearable. What is unbearable is to have someone lead who is not qualified to lead.

In verse 23, Agur mentioned the handmaid that inherits the fortune of her mistress. Not every handmaid can handle a great inheritance. When an unqualified handmaid assumes such a great inheritance, those around her suffer by her conceited, self-centered, greedy spirit.

In the political realm, we have witnessed the tragedy of unqualified people being placed in public office. Some of the world’s most brutal dictators are simply unqualified men surrounded by henchmen who wreak havoc on the people of their country. In these places, the people cry for deliverance. When our soldiers liberated the Iraqi people from the rule of Sadaam Hussein, the people rejoiced in their deliverance from this man’s rule. He was not qualified to lead that country.

In the spiritual realm, nothing hurts a church more than an unqualified man leading the people of God. In 1Timothy 3 and Titus 2, the Bible sets forth qualifications for spiritual leadership in the church. When unqualified men are given those positions of leadership, God’s church suffers.

Rich fools are unbearable

Note that the word “fool” is the Hebrew word “nabal.” This word comes from the foolish man given this name in 1 Samuel 25. This well-fed, wealthy but churlish and mean spirited man was unbearable to be around, and he was judged by God for his foolish behavior towards others.

Odious Women who gets married make unbearable wives

The odious woman is someone who was unloved most of her life. Throughout this time of loneliness, she became hardened, mean spirited, rough in her reactions to others. When this woman gets married, watch out!

I know a lot of godly Christian women who have determined they will not marry just any man that comes across their path. They have determined that they will wait for a man who will be a spiritual leader to enter their lives before they will consider dating and marriage. Praise God for these women.

If a women chooses to maintain a godly spirit during that waiting period, her marriage will be a great event and will lead to a wonderful life of love. If a woman chooses to grow bitter during that waiting period, marriage will not be a great experience unless she repents of that bitterness.

Proverbs 31 speaks of the virtues of a Godly woman.


May God help each man and each woman reading this devotion to take some time to look up the virtues that we need in our lives to please God and be the people He wants us to be.

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