James – Days 11 & 12

I asked you to consider the following three questions as you studied James yesterday:

  1. James said, “God cannot be tempted.” How do you explain verses like Num. 14:22, Deu. 6:16, and Psa. 95:8-9 in light of James’ statement?
  2. As a corollary to the previous question, how do you explain the temptation of Christ (Mat. 4:1)? We believe Christ was God. We believe God can’t be tempted. Christ was tempted.
  3. James told us that God doesn’t tempt any man. How do you explain verses like Genesis 22:1 and 2Sa. 24:1in light of James’ statement?

I’m going to leave this post up today and tomorrow to give you a chance to share what you’ve discovered as you tried to answer these questions. To post a comment, just click on the blue Comments link at the end of this post in type in what you’ve found. We’ll review the results together on Thursday and then continue on with our verse by verse study on Friday. Thanks for participating.


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